An intro to Chakras

The chakras are often thought of as a systemic ladder to higher consciousness. Step by step, building from the ground up, we open the liberating current, to gain greater degrees of freedom, love, openness, awareness, and wisdom” Annodea Judith PHD.

Chakras were likely discovered by ancient seers and rishis in their explorations of the inner worlds, through meditation and other spiritually focussed experiences. Chakras are described as vortexes or wheels of energy and are located in the non physical subtle energy body. Several are located in the regions of large nerve plexuses in the physical body such as the solar plexus, sacral plexus and cardiac plexus.

Chakras are step down transformers of cosmic energy. They are like transforming stations of a sort. Chakras offer a rich platform for understanding how consciousness (our spirit Being) manifests itself into the material (biological) realm and then returns back to the cosmic soul.

Chakras are located all over the subtle energy body, and are interconnected by conductor channels called nadis, There are hundreds of chakras and thousands of nadis. However, in yoga science, seven chakras are the most significant. Each one is a centre of consciousness…ie gut sense (3rd chakra/solar plexus), compassion (4th chakra/heart plexus) or intuitive knowing (6th chakra/cranial nerves) or say you approach the edge of a cliff and you begin to feel the “whillies” around your perineum muscle (1st chakra survival/sacral plexus). A basic understanding can be easily applied in yoga practice where the goal is to keep the chakras open and balanced.

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