Some prana experiences

"Every cell in our body has the capacity to hold infinity. Let us tap the full potential that nature has bestowed on us, the potential to hold infinity in every cell of the body. For that, we must practice meditation regularly. Then our physiology undergoes a change and every cell in the body is filled with prana - life force. As the level of prana in the body rises, we bubble with joy." Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

One thing about yoga, it asks you to believe nothing until you have directly experienced it. Here are three Prana meditation exercises that may give you a sense that Prana (energy) is real and can be directly perceived and felt.

Artists rendition of prana

Read these instructions a couple of times before trying; These experiments are subtle so give yourself a chance to explore them. Hopefully you will experience some prana.

1) Sit comfortably with hands placed on your thighs and palms turned upward.

2) Close your eyes

3) Imagine a powerful ball of sunlight light floating about 2 feet from your solar plexus about 2 to 3 inches (5-7mm) above the navel in the upper abdomen.

  • As you inhale a long slow deep breath, imagining you are drawing the sunlight into your lungs and filling them to the top with light (don’t strain)

  • As you exhale, imagine the light is cascading over your shoulders and down your arms and pooling in the palms of your hands

  • Repeat this several times, concentrating intently on the experience of breathing in the light and of pooling the light down in the palms of the hands until you begin to feel strong sensations pulsating in your palms and fingers

  • Lift your hands about 1/2 metre in the air and turn the palms to face each other

  • Experiment with SLOWLY moving and pulsing the hands closer together

  • Experiment with SLOWLY moving and pulsing the hands farther apart

  • Experiment with SLOWLY playing any way you wish with the hands and the Prana

  • When you are finished playing, return your hands to your thighs and take your time opening your eyes. Notice how you feel inside.

NOTE: If you concentrate well and have strong energy you will be absorbed in this experience. People often describe feeling a sense of magnetism and heat If your energy is weak or low, you may notice nothing unusual. Try it again when you are more rested.

4) Another way to try this is to vigorously rub your hands together. Then stop and explore the space between your hands. Stay with it for a few minutes giving time for the rubbing sensations in your hands to settle down somewhat. Keep your concentration, not only are we noticing the sensations but it’s also the subtle space between the hands that we are exploring.

5) Try inhaling deeply as you raise your arms and hands high overhead. Turn your palms downward and take the whole very SLOW exhalation to bring the hands face down in front of your torso. Then place your hands on your low abdomen. Feel Prana in the form of heat as it penetrates thru your clothing, onto your skin and then if you wait a bit and if you are really focussed, you can even feel the heat penetrating into your internal organs.

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