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Blissful Awareness

Yoga in the Kripalu Tradition

Online yoga classes founded on the simple process of moving gracefully from thinking and doing into feeling and being. This taps into the whole human being, including and most importantly, consciousness. 

From thinking-doing to feeling-being

To help establish this direction, there are three stages that interplay with each other. They are equally important and are the general formula for developing creativity in any field of endeavour.





Yoga Nidra


Stage of Life



Online Yoga & Movement Classes

For Active Seniors or anyone looking for a modified yoga program

Why do yoga online?

Try new classes 

Each class can stand on its own as an integrated practice.

Flexible Start

Never miss a class! With this online program you can build your practice around your schedule.

Choose your  level

Classes are categorized by intensity level. Choose from gentle or moderate.

Enjoy over and over

Access classes over and over again for the duration of the 10 week course period. 

A word from Jody's students

"Thank you ever so much for the classes on zoom. Despite the barriers of technology, there are many pluses to what you offer us... All your cues during the classes were warm and inclusive so I never felt any distance. The positive energy was definitely felt."

Kaly Tam

"Thank you Jody for this wonderful gift you have given to us during this difficult time in our world. Your class this morning was fantastic and your dedication to us, your students, to help us through this together, is so very much appreciated.  In your class this morning, I was very aware that some of the physical and inner blocks I was feeling were loosening, opening up, and being dispersed - like dead leaves, falling off the trees, and floating downstream and out into the ocean".

Jean Wentzel

"I did want to let you know how incredible your classes are, and to thank you immensely for offering them to us. Each week they help me ground mentally, and help “rejuvenate” the movements of my body. They’re probably the most powerful classes I’ve ever had, and your explanations from a physical, mental, and emotional level are very clear and insightful to me."



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