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From Thinking-Doing to Feeling-Being


To help establish this direction, there are three phases which interplay with each other. They are equally important and are the general formula for developing creativity in any field of endeavour.


  1. the learning of techniques such as asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work), Yoga Nidra (sleep based meditation) and other complementary techniques and skills. Also included in this stage are lifestyle skills. This is the thinking/doing phase

  2. ongoing practice of specific techniques and skills to develop depth, feel and understanding. This is the doing/feeling phase

  3. the release or surrender of intentional control into the “second half of the posture” or into an intuitive flow of energy -“meditation in motion”.  This is the feeling/Being phase.


Practices can be generally categorized as Gentle, Moderate or Intense. They are all equally as integrative and are suitable for different stages and ages of life. Results are  dependent on commitment to practice.

Gentle Practice

These gentle yoga classes are suitable for most people looking for an easy does it well rounded yoga practice.  All classes start with 25 minutes of yoga warm-up movements sitting in a chair and finish with a simple asana flow and a guided relaxation. They incorporate all dimensions of the practice from the physical to the spiritual.

#4 Gentle Yoga - Visiting the chakras - fall 2020

#4 Gentle Yoga - Visiting the chakras - fall 2020

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Moderate Practice

These moderate level classes are suitable for people who are learning yoga, for active seniors and for yoga practitioners looking for a more spiritual approach to the practice of yoga. They start with 25 minutes of yoga warm-ups and breath work, then move into an asana flow with a few moments of Meditation-in-Motion which provides space for personal exploration and free movement. The class finishes with a blissful guided relaxation.  The whole experience is deeply integrative for the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

#10 Moderate Yoga  - general practice - fall 2020

#10 Moderate Yoga - general practice - fall 2020