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The Practice

Through physical postures, breath work and meditation practices, Blissful Awareness Yoga addresses all aspects of a person simultaneously; the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. It can be powerfully integrative and deeply transformative. It leaves you feeling like your natural and true Self.

In the early stages of a meditative yoga practice, there needs to be a teacher, facilitator, or guide who has a depth of experience and the skills necessary to guide people safely into their “centre” (Inner Being) and assist them in becoming established in that centre.

Later on, after the student is familiar with the journey into Source or Centre and after they become established in their practices, they will evolve from a good foundation.  Blissful Awareness practices embody the true intention of yoga practice which is self-awakening.  This is not easily found in the vast and confusing yoga marketplace of today. 

Many of the direct and in-depth teachings in this practice are drawn from the Kripalu Yoga and the Amrit Yoga traditions for which I will be forever grateful.  They have exposed me to the true depths of yoga.  I am also appreciative of the contributions of the Embodiment movement and pilates which have brought greater mindfulness and safety to the physical aspects of yoga.

Teacher and Guide

Jody Myers

Born and based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jody loves to be close to nature through travel, hiking, and cycling.  Jody has been a yoga teacher and workshop leader over the past forty years, conducting thousands of yoga classes in all age categories. She founded Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training ( in the tradition of Kripalu Yoga in year 2000.


In addition to her work in the yoga field, Jody applies the teachings in her life through writing, dream journalling, painting,  dancing, chanting, diet awareness, music and oral storytelling.  She is also an avid sports fan


Certifications (E-RYT-500)

  • Kripalu Yoga Professional 500

  • Amrit Yoga Professional 500

  • Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training 500

  • Professional I AM Yoga Nidra Leader

  • I AM Yoga Nidra for Kids Certified (online)

  • Let Your Yoga Dance Leader with Megha

  • Laughter Yoga Leader with Michi

  • Founder/Owner and a facilitator in Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training since 2000.  RYS since 2003

  • Training and certification in Chakra work with Annodea Judith PhD

  • Certification in Chair Yoga with Julie Palmer

  • Certification in Seniors Yoga with Jean Short

  • Further explorations and trainings in other approaches to yoga over the past 40 years

  • Completed the Energy BluePrint podcast on health and wellness (online) 

  • astrology student for many years

  • Lifelong student and practitioner of yoga

Online Classes

Each class includes centering, breathing practices, warming up the body, yoga postures including “meditation in motion”. These are facilitated according to the stage, age and/or inclination of the group being led. Classes also include inspirational teachings and concludes with full attention and time spent in one of three experiences; deep relaxation, Yoga Nidra, or seated meditation.  These integrate the whole practice more deeply.  

Important results from this approach to yoga are Self acceptance and Self confidence. This includes mental focus, physical, emotional and mental balance, flexibility and strength, physiological and spiritual integration and well being.


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