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At Home Practices

Finding Inspiration in Every Practice

Here is your Home Practice Page. This space is a great opportunity for you to support yourself on your journey to wholeness. All of the practices below are free meditative journeys which I have created for you and are designed to balance and integrate your sympathetic (action response) and parasympathetic (relaxation response) nervous systems which allow you access to the deepest integrative energies available within you.

The links below are a collection of powerfully integrative meditative experiences, led by a variety of well trained and seasoned facilitators. They are designed to take you from thinking and doing into feeling and being. 

Our Soul Self

Our Soul Self or Inner Being is a silent, vast, living, conscious dimension within that is easily accessed once we learn how to become more deeply relaxed. We then naturally and automatically tap into the powerful healing and pure creative energies that lay beneath the ego mind without having to do anything to make this happen.  Here we discover a pure dimension, our natural home, that is not subject to the fluctuating changes of our mind, our body, or the external world. 

As you develop a consistent meditation practice, one that takes you out of the programmed mind, through a sense of feeling and into the state of Being, your ability to remain integrated into this dimension becomes more permanent. You remain centred no matter what is happening within you or around you.


This practice will translate into your daily life as confidence, fearlessness, creativity, insight, clear awareness, greater compassion, resiliency, forgiveness and the transformation of shame into positive personal and social commitments - all components of our higher mind just waiting for expression.  

I AM Yoga Nidra

This practice has been developed by Yogi Amrit Desai, and Dr. Kami Desai. It guides you through 4 levels of brainwaves.  Beta (perceived waking state), Alpha (relaxation and light meditation), Theda (dream state), Delta (deep sleep state or conscious witness)

Just put on your headphones and relax on your bed, make yourself warm and comfortable. If you have an eye mask use it during the daylight. Then start your Yoga Nidra practice which will raise your consciousness by integrating the 4 levels of brainwaves. It's been scientifically proven to be the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep. Each practice is approximately 30-40 minutes long. Discover the voices you resonate best with and practice daily.  Enjoy the time out!  This is a collection of my favourite guided meditations.

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